Fixes to No Sound when Playing Videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, Android

Monday, October 24th 2022.

If our drivers are not updated, it can cause problems or sometimes shut down the functioning of that hardware. PC’s come with generic system audio drivers, but they’re not the best choice for audio production. The ASIO4All driver is optimized for this purpose and runs much smoother than a generic audio driver in recording situations. When using ASIO4All, use the Off-Line Settings to select which playback devices to use in your DAW or other audio software. Before we get started, check that your audio interface is compatible with your computer.

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  • Depending on your iPad model, simply swipe up or swipe down from the right corner on your home screen.
  • Select the second one and download the installation file to your computer’s hard drive.
  • As so far, you have already created a bootable USB drive.
  • You will need program ms-sys to write a Master Boot Record to the USB drive.
  • Insert the bootable CD or USB to your problem computer and boot your PC from the bootable CD/USB you just created.

This scenario might confuse the built-in sound manager to send the sound to the wrong user account. In this case, you can resolve the issue by logging out of the unnecessary user account. You can try resetting your PC if nothing else works and the problem is not due to a hardware failure. Resetting the PC in Windows 11 gives you the option to keep the files and settings intact. Try the fix suggested by the Troubleshooter to fix your sound issues and Restart your computer. This page would show your Bluetooth speaker under ‘Audio‘ if it’s already connected and paired to your PC. It would show the active connection status with a small green dot.

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Select TV Tuga in the box that pops up. Click on

Why Did My Windows Sound Stop Working?

I’ll test with some other ThinkPads that i have. Now check if the audio should be working, if not uninstall the audio driver and restart the system to fix no audio devices are installed. To learn how to do that, move on to the next step. The Sound settings on your Windows device are an important place to search if you want to find out about the audio problems. It offers slightly more options compared to the Sound icon that controls volume and playback devices. One of the most common issues that we experience on our devices usually related to hardware and software.

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Make computer freezes randomly sure the volume of your computer isn’t set to mute. SubmitType above and press Enter to search. While you don’t need to reset your settings, it is an excellent way to undo anything that’s misconfigured. Continue to follow the prompts until the troubleshooter completes. Open the folder and click Setup.exe to run the default setup. On your Windows taskbar, right click on the audio icon.

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